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When you own a business, it is important that you keep your place of business looking attractive, inside and outside.The external presentation of your premises will set the tone for what your customers should expect to see once they are inside. That is why the pressure-washing of commercial buildings has become routine maintenance for almost every major commercial enterprise.

With experience in a wide range of environments, our staffs are able to tackle all cleaning scenarios, guaranteeing excellent service.

Executive House Washing is experienced in shopping centres, supermarkets, medical centres and nursing homes, education and child-care sectors, sporting grounds, car parks and more.
House Washing Preparation Preparation: In the cleaning of the property it is possible that water used within the cleaning solution can damage valuable items. To ensure this does not happen please make sure you do the following: Remove all clothes from washing lines. This includes lines that are under unsealed balconies, as well as standard clothes lines in close proximity to the house. In windy situations the cleaning solution can be blown like paint overspray onto clothes left on the line. Cover or remove any non-waterproof items Make sure any external electrical/fuse boxes are sealed. If you have a fuse box in a location not easily viewable. i.e. under balconies/decks, please ensure these are properly sealed and notify us of their location prior to cleaning Basically, we are coming to clean the Outside of your Property. Anything apart from this that you don’t want cleaned, make sure it is put away, waterproof, or properly covered. The final item to check prior to the clean is to ensure your Window Frames do not leak. Although we do not use high pressure cleaning on the house it is still possible for a dribble of water to get inside the home through window leakage as we have to rinse the property off after.
The Exterior Wash includes:

  • Washing of gutters,
  • surfeit, eaves,
  • walls,
  • windows,
  • screens,
  • beams,
  • lattice,
  • railings,
  • steps,
  • balcony walls and basically gutters to ground.

*Garage doors are also included if fixed to house Wood/ Cladded / Camphor board / Hardy Plank classed as the same. Split level homes classed as highset
High Pressure Cleaning Service on Concretes Drive ways Shopping Centres Paving Tennis Court Tiles Fences Shade Sails Dirty Brickwork And anything that require this service.


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